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Thanks for your .02 tom! Very helpful. If you'll read the first line of the thread, i've noted that its my very first oil analysis. I'm not trying to diagnose etc, this is the establishment of my baseline. People were just speculating on the high content of certain wear metals. As far as the testing method goes, i've gotten plenty of instructions now, i'm sure my next test will be the UTMOST representation of the homogenous full temp oil in my engine :-)

As far as jackd's replies on oil - I also heartily disagree. Diesels are undoubtedly harder on oil for the reasons of soot, high compression, etc. As far as I know, thats why diesels are usually recommended to use a stronger CH-4 oil instead of the standard that gassers use.
Also - on jackd's comments on rpm range - thats nonsense. My redline is 5500 rpm, and my diesel makes its most hp around 4000. On average it probably revs twice as much as my gas engined tahoe (5.7l v8), which barely EVER makes it over 2000 rpm. (80mph=2000 rpm).
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