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Dear Techs, my 79 300d with 130k miles had a valve clearance check last week. The mechanic showed me the camshaft which had about three cams toward the front of the engine with score marks (visible and palpable). The other cams' surfaces were smooth. All the high ends of the lobes are smooth surfaced. The scoring was along the side face of the lobe (just below the high end). He recommended replacing the camshaft and rockerarms in order to avoid future engine problems from metal particles. I am the original owner. Regular maintainance and oil changes every 3k miles. I had an oilscan performed but won't get the results until next week. Do you think the parts replacement is justified? (I plan to keep the auto for some time yet) Differnet opinions?
One other item. My heater does not warm but the blower works. The temperature control unit at the front of the engine compartment is seeping coolant. I suspect the problem is related. Is the unit available rebuilt? I can live without the heater, can the unit be bypassed by connecting the attaching hoses directly?
Thank you in advance for your support !!