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My car (1993 300E 3.2, M104 engine) started leaking oil at the right rear at almost precisely 130,000 miles.

It is not a bad leak, buy gets the side of the engine and the plastic cover at the bottom of the engine quite oily. It also leaves a few oil drops on my garage floor. This really offends my meticulous nature as none of my cars have ever leaked oil.

My oil level doesn't change virtually at all between oil changes at 2,500 miles, so I really have no consumption problems.

Edbardzik - What should I expect to pay to get the head gasket and valve guides replaced?

I'm trying to put this off for as long as possible, at least a year or two. How long do you think I can delay this repair?

Are the new gaskets "improved" so that they don't leak again?
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