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Originally Posted by RML View Post
I had my CCU out and totally disassembled for cleaning. I do not recall the wheel removal being difficult at all except you will want to be careful about a small ball bearing that rides in a channel. It can fall out and roll away before you know it. I would suggest working over a shoe box or something similar to catch the part. The removal must have been straightforward enough that the specific steps do not stand out to me. Mine is from an 84 300D.

The tape on my wheel was crinkled and coming off. I made a new one by duplicating the pattern using Microsoft Excel and printing it in color on some adhesive backed paper, then then covering the face with a good quality clear packaging tape. I cut this out, taped it on, and it looks like new. I made it in both F and C. I switched to Farhenheit on mine. I have a few extra copies of the printout and could send one out if you supply a self addressed stamped envelope. PM me.
Thanks for the offer but I am in position to cannibalise an old CCU unit that has a nice wheel. Just could not fugure out how to get that pin.
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