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Hey guys, you aren't doing anything for my confidence here! I suspect the finger pointing will continue. The dealer is saying that the reason the first wheels were so late was because they had the wheels sent from CEC, the local Lorisner dealer. I spoke to them(CEC), they understand customer service. The guy I spoke to a couple times was very helpful, very knowledgable, and very efficient in helping me. HE even called the dealer for me once or twice trying to figure out what the hold up was. The dealer is pointing fingers at this guy??? From what I have seen they should hire HIM to run the dealership.

I must admit, I have had similar problems with BMW at the corporate level, no help at all. I have also gone around and around with Ford GM and Chrysler, I kind of expect it from them, not from MB.

I put a request in with the parts shop here to check out these caps. In my letter to the dealer I did reference the cliche' "take the money and run" profetic words it turns out.

JCE, your tale is the worst I have heard. They should have provided an MB loaner. I have finally found a BMW dealer worthy of my businesss. They provide BMW loaners. When some of the new 3 series cars had a problem, taking the cars off the road for some time, this dealer put these folks into X5s for the duration of the wait. THAT is how it should be.

I think the BBB complaint is next. If MBUSA is as unresponsive as you guys say, I will have no choice. Problem is, they have fullfilled their obligation to the letter, far from the intent, or what I was told, but exactly as the PAPER states. So they did it but, they did a crappy job.
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