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Thumbs up Winter wiper blade on MB mono-wiper

Was at Wal-Mart and saw they were clearing out all the winter car stuff. Saw one Anco winter wiper blade (24 in) for $1 a piece (lots of other length left but only one 24 in). Never used winter wiper blade before even in the Michigan winter so I gave it a try for $1. WOW, does it clean!

I have never seen a wiper blade that does a better cleaning job on these poorly designed MB mono-wiper. This thing cleans better than MB wiper, Bosch Micro Excel, and anything that I have used before.

Anyone has similar or opposite experience with this type of wiper?

I think the compound is very soft so it conforms to the glass curve well and cleans better. Going to use this for a while in winter or summer. Do'not know how long it will last though if the compound is soft.

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