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About the idle control valve, It should close completely when 12 volts is applied to it. They like to get dirty. Use carb and choke cleaner. I used a vise to hold the valve in such a position as so I could fill the valve portion with the solvent. I let it soak for several hours. I agitated it repeat, rinse, repeat until there are no more carbon particles comming out. Try not to soak the coil part of the valve. Doing so made a major improvement in the operation of the valve.

Rust in the fuel line sounds like maybe the car had some water in the fuel once upon a time. That is very bad since that causes rust in lots of places that dont like any sort of particles, like the fuel distributor for one. I would flush everything fuel related that is possible.

I have removed and adjusted the steering gear on all my cars. I thought that it might be possible to do the adjustment on the car but it would be difficult unless the right length wrenches were available. Check out this thread about adjusting the gear. Steering box adjustment clarification......
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