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Originally Posted by Eric Eliel View Post
Huh? The electrical fan in front of the radiator starts on its own when the temperature switch is triggered by the heat sensor in the receiver/dryer. You can't turn it on manually. My idea would be to design a circuit that would starting the condensor fan cooling process immediately but temporarily to get the condensor cooling faster.
That is my point.

If the refrigerant is not hotter than the ambient air, no amount of airflow will cool it. The hotter the refrigerant, the more efficient the transfer of heat to the air through the condenser.

If you want the fan to come on earlier, get a switch that engages the fan at a lower refrigerant temperature. There really isn't a reason to engage the electric fan if the refrigerant temperature is not hot and not under high pressure, unless you just want to waste energy and wear out your fan a lot quicker.
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