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I had AAA use this type of jump start unit to get me going with three different cars (a 77 300D, my '83 SD, and a 91 Volvo) and never had any damage. The ones that test for a charge or do a load test might do something nasty on a really sensitive car, but as a whole they should be much safer than a battery charger. (My $30 charger may well have fried my SD's voltage regulator.)

Wouldn't the dome light act as the open door warning indicator? Too bad that they melt and cost $325, however. I guess I will make it a point to look at my car each time I leave it (I do already, just to admire it) just to make sure that I didn't leave it on.

Reminds me of the snowy night I parked in Atlantic City NJ and left a door partially closed. I returned to find two men opening my door..... I told them to leave. I guess I was just lucky, because I had about $1000 worth of cameras, tapes, etc in the car.

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