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Originally Posted by douging View Post
...looks like spaghetti. I thought I would give a Pertronix conversion a go and since I never had any spark with this setup, it had to go.
I recently put a Pertronix module & Coil into my 73 450SL - it is a very good conversion, but I needed to do some extra work inside the distributor to make the 1885 unit & magnet fit "properly".

When you read through the previous Pertronix notes and advice, a common theme is that the pickup unit must have a good GROUND. Its worth checking the 2 base plates inside the distributor to make sure the tiny earth wire between them is still functioning OK & the plates are 100% grounding to the distributor body.

I added an extra earth wire to the pickup unit just to be sure.

On mine, the magnet unit which slides onto the rotor drive didnt go right down to the base plate - it sat on the vacuum advance/retard arm. This meant that the rotor button was too high & I think it was touching the inside of the cap. To fix this I filed away some of the advance/retard arm and also filed down the bottom of the rotor button (a few mm).

With these small modifications everything fited snuggly and the Pertronix fired up & worked first time

Mr Dalton's tip about a kill-switch is very sound advice. I have not done this yet as I have had lots of headaches trying to figure out the 2 immobilisers (yes 2 !!) that some dopey PO had had fitted. As a temporary measure, I have fitted the coil with 'spade' connectors so I can easily disconnect power to the Pertronix module when working in the engine bay.

My installation of the Pertronix is the first step in an eventual Megasqirt conversion - a la Gurunukins (Bari) , so I will be doing a lot of work around the motor.

Its great that your thread has bought out a solution to the Tachometer problem ( with a 11.5K ohm resistor ) as I haven't got round to fixing that yet.

Good luck with it & give us a report when you have done it.
Peter in Melbourne Australia
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