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1972 220D Questions

I have an aquaintance at work who has a 1972 MB 220d (W115)in wonderful shape. He is thinking of selling the car to the right buyer and I was thinking of maybe taking it off his hands. The car has just over 100k original owner miles on it and is in concours shape. Exterior is an ivory/light yellow with a darker tan MBTex interior.

About the only thing automatic on the car is the transmission. Crank windows, etc. I believe it has a similar engine to the 240d.

I'm not all that concerned with the mechanics of this car, as it has had excellent care and is relatively simplistic. I could "shadetree mechanic" most if not all items that would require attention.

I was a bit curious about how this car would perform in relation to my other diesels. My 300SDL isn't exactly a dragster but, given its relative bulk, it moves along respectfully once rolling. Is this what I should expect from the 220d? My Jetta TDI has a tuning chip and other mods that will allow it to easily outrun and stay ahead of a gas VW. I'm not thinking the 220d will be like that.

Back in the day, I had an 85 Olds 98 with a 4.3L V6 diesel. It only had 85hp and 165 ft/lb torque. 0-60 was in the neighborhood of
around 18 sec. That car was SO SLOW it was almost unsafe. Very scary to pass anything larger than road debris. Expressway merging was next to dangerous. With that car, it was pretty much floorboarded all the time until you were up to speed.

Also, any ideas what kind of $$$ I should expect to pay?
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