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Re: Car won't start!

Originally posted by oasis100

I tried boosting the car, and still nothing happen, can someone tell me some of the things I can check??
The battery is brand new, maybe 3 weeks old.
I have a 87' 300E.
If the battery is completely drained, you may need
to put a good set of jumper cables on,
positive cable first, and run the "donor" car at a good
2,000rpm for fifteen minutes before you even attempt
to start your car. WARNING: when your car does start,
do not remove the cables until you turn on your headlamps, blower motor on high, and maybe your rear window defogger as well. This is to prevent voltage surges in your electronics when your alternator suddenly realizes you have a flat battery as you disconnect the GROUND cable first, then the positive cable.

AND, if your car refuses to start after a major assistance from another car's alternator with good jumper cables, I would suspect a bad connection in your positive cable to starter solenoid, or ground cable to car's chassis. ymmv
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