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Thanks Sixto for your reply really appreciate you taken the time to show me a pic of exactly where that egr valve is and once again i have to say my car doesnt have one on the first exhaust manyfold towards the radiator I can see like the oval shape of where the egr valve should be but there is nothing there the only way i could put one is by buying and exhaust manifold with the egr valve already installed i wish i had a digital camera to show you here is my vin#WDBEA30D2KB063064
1989 300e w/141k miles and what is funny about the car also is that the rough rough idling only happen after i start the car after that i could go anywhere with it as long as i dont shut off the engine regardless if the engine is cold or hot : It would start fine then 2 mins later the idling would drop so low it would sometime die then after another let say 3 to 5 minutes it would go back to normal.Another thing is b4 i bought the car it had a rejection sticker on it the guy told me it is because the car needed a catalic converter i told him to replace and get the sticker b4 i buy the car but from looking at all the welding that was done it order to put that converter in i wonder if he put the right converter in and if not would that have any effect on my idling? thanks guys
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