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Unhappy 190 won't start

I need help with my 92' 190. I drove my wife to work and it started fine. Made two stops, one being to the filling station. Car ran fine on the way home on the interstate. Car sat for not even an hour....went to start it and heard a faint pop more like a puff and the car won't start. It will engage the flywheel. Headlights work fine so I didn't think it was a low battery issue. Spark plugs were just changed during recent service about a month ago. I checked all the wire connections and I think I smelled gas but thought that I may have flooded it while trying to pumping the peddle a bit to get the car started.

Will the fuel pump go out without warning like that? If it is the fuel pump, how can I get the car started long enough to get it out of my buildings garage so I can access a tow truck to get it to my service person around the corner?

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