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Why are you up at 3AM on the net...can't sleep or fulfilling all our desires to know why our MB fails and how to fix it??

Fluidyne can be reached several ways:
In NC speak to Jeff or Mona at 888-FLUIDYNE.
In Cal. it is 800-FLUIDYNE
Internet is
They do production for Ford but have a seperate division for aftermarket replacement
units for Camaros, Chevelles, Mustangs, etc.
They make air-air, liquid-liquid, liquid-air
intercoolers and now have a new 55mm multiport tube core. Their motto is 'Experience the Possibilities'

By the way there is a 92 500E, silver/black
for sale here for $29,500 if you know of a buyer.

And, by the way, the 190 is being redone very
shortly with aluminum heads and a five-speed
so I finally get an overdrive for interstate
use! 3700rpm at 70mph is a bit much but right on the power curve! Do you know of any
manual pedal clusters with m/c for sale?