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When I came home today I was greeted by the smell of Diesel fuel in my Garage. Turns out that injector # 1 is leaking, and bad. It's about a drop every foot at city speeds. I've decided to postpone my normal responsibilites tommorrow morning and attempt to fix the injector. I believe the leak is between the injector and the cap it's installed in. I plan to:

1. pull off the lines that carry excess fuel.
2. remove any other lines nearby that may get in the way of tools.
3. wrench off fuel feed line.
4. remove injector with socket that i believe is in the tool kit that came with the car.
5. tighten the injector agianst the cap on my bench.
6. reverse procedure to re-install.

I want to do more harm than good. Somebody please give me some feedback before I really break something.