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Does anyone have any experience with the Solaris Xenon filled 9004 bulbs? If so, are they worth the $70 (as opposed to a gajillion bucks for replacing everything) or a waste of money? Can the relays and wiring harnesses on a 190 handle 100W/55W units vs the stock 65W/45W, or is this a big no no?

I'd like to try to improve the low beam lighting on my car as the Bosch reflectors/lens units seem quite "spotty" and don't distribute the light very evenly. I know the bulbs won't necessarily help this, but more/better(?) light might help some. Are there other reflector/lens units that have better spread characteristics on low beam? High beam doesn't seem so bad.

Thanks for any info.

89 190E 2.6 Auto, 48k mi