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In case you are still in doubt about BBs, maybe they should be BeeBees. Is it an acronym? It is the small ball projected by a BeeBee gun; a semi toy. Very usefull to permanently plug rubber vacuum lines. I keep a drawer full of them.

The upshift delay feature is monitored by watching engine speed, I presume.

In reguard to the well known 104 EGR pipe, let it be known that we just traced a M112 ML320 EGR code to a thoroughly plugged stainless pipe that carries EGR into the intake from the back of the manifold. The pipe attaches to the EGR valve and is about 8-10 inches with most of it inside the manifold. The car had 80k on it. So looks like we will be seeing EGR codes on all the late cars too as I imagine this is the same on all 112/113 motors.
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