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Paul F
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Hi all,I'm having an odd problem with my 85 190E. It started on my way back from KC sunday night. With the cruise set at 100, suddenly I notice when going up hills the speed would start dropping. At first I thought the CC amp was failing again, but then when I applied some throttle it
appeared to have a dead spot. If I backed off and then tried again it pulled strong, back up to 100 and higher. It would continue to lose power intermittently. When I stopped to get fuel I noticed the whine
of the fuel pump not to be a constant buzz like normal. It was kind of a "pulsating buzz". Could this be related to the problem I am experiencing? I have noticed it doing this at lower speeds as well. It did it while accelerating from a stop, started sputtering, when backed off the go pedal and applied throttle again it smoothed out and
accelerated normally. What are symptoms of the fuel pump going bad?
FWIW, I did repair the fuel pump relay a few months back and inpsected it again yesterday.. I don't suspect that its bad, but who knows... Any ideas guys?

Paul Finnessey
85 190E
85 Toyota 4X4