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Idle Acceleration Stall W124

Hi All!

At my wits end. 1991 300CE with 111K. Gone over vehicle thoroughly replacing worn or suspect parts.............

Here is the situation:

Rough starting warm worse than cold.

Idles around 750 rpm with A/C on or off.

Main concern is stall condition from stop with A/C on. A/C cools fine.

The following items have been replaced in the last 5 months:

Plugs, rotor & cap
EHA valve
Cold Start Valve
Fan Clutch
All thermo sensors
O2 sensor
Fuel Filter

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have not checked the idle control valve do you adjust the idle? I have adjusted the idle mixture to no avail. I cannot get the same readings with the a/c on as with the a/c off.


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