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Project 190E Conversion

Had a question I hoped you guys might help me with.

I have a 84 190E in the middle of a conversion what to know if I can do the following 90-92 300E 3.0L or 300SL 3.2L motor swap with trany does it fit what problems might I run into.

Brake system change over to 300E so I can stop the added weight and speed

Exuast system change over ( custom) what do you suggest.

So far I have done the following to car H&R springs, Bilstien struts and shocks. new control arms etc. 225/45 ZR16", Omni Ignition pack, With the adjustments I made hoping it will hold to the road with proposed changes listed above.

You help would be greatly appriciated before I start this project or should I go another route.

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