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Car is 1989 2.6 190 e with 68000 miles, one owner. Had 60000 mile service earlier this year. took car to dealer for state inspection and it failed on " high unburned hydrocarbons". They leaned it out to pass the inpection but the car was hardly driveable. Reset to rich position and said that they would probably have to do that each time.Car runs great except: gets 20 to 22 mpg on highway at 65 to 70 mph. Just got 12 in city with conserative driving.( Once got 25 and 18 respectively) I removed the protectice cover over the distributor and found evidence of charing and arching where the coil wire is routed over the dist cap. I insulated and examined in the dark and could see no leakage though the car does not seem to run differently.
I am thinking new spark plug wires,dist cap and rotor.
What are your ideas.
You have prices for the wires and cap/rotor. They original MB parts?