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This particular oil filter housing is the old fashion kind with a cartridge filter instead of a spin on like the old days. They are cheap to replace but a pain. The large bolt in the center is all you need to remove. Once you loosen it just spin it off and observe the silver looking washer gasket under the head of the bolt. When you buy the filter replacement it will come with the washer as well as a large rubber "O" ring that fits ynder the cover you will remove next. There is a wire handle to pull out the old filter. The new filter only goes in one way. Be sure to wipe out the residue of dirty oil left in the cannister before putting in the new filter. DON'T drop anything down that hole. Pretty basic from there except you need to build up oil pressure before you start the car because that cannister has to fill up first, before you get oil pressure on the gauge. Most people pull the coil wire. I made a switch in the trunk that is connected to the ground of the fuel pump. It serves double duty. When I park some place where I think my car might get ripped off, I open the trunk and flip the switch. The car appears to start but WON'T. I also drilled and tapped the cover of the cannister with a pipe plug and actually fill the cannister with a long funnel with a pointy end so I know I have oil before I start the motor.
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