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Ron Johnson
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E320S Power Steering Too Sensitive

I am a very recent owner of a 2002, E320S. I like the car except the power steering, it is way too sensitive, especially at speeds above 65mph. It is like driving a "creampuff", all fluff and no feel. There is no road feedback, there is only this vague floating feeling, there is no positive feeling of driving and tracking.
I have taken the vehicle back to the dealer's shop to check the power steering and allignment. After a system check and resetting the allignment they declared everything was set to factory specs and that they couldn't do anything to de-sensitize the power steering.
Maybe so, but I wonder if something can be done to de-sensitize it...maybe a modification, a retro-fit, a special adjustment. There has to be something to be done, short of draing the steering fluid.
I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has been able to overcome this problem and what path or parts were used.
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