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Hmmm...relatively low miles. Again, I'd suggest you track down a tech familiar with your car...that way, you have a baseline for comparison to know if there's actually anything wrong. I'd hate to see you start replacing OEM parts with new OEM parts, just to find out that your car does indeed dive under braking, and is somewhat prone to body roll. If your car's fine and it's simply performing as designed, then if you want better handling/less roll & dive then you can potentially put in some good Bilstein HD struts that will lessen these tendencies, or go to both a spring & shock upgrade, or even a 1+ wheel fitment along with springs/shocks. All will alter your car's handling characteristics, but invariably there's a tradeoff of some sort in terms of ride quality.

Once you've got an informed opinion, please post your results and I'm quite sure a bunch of us would be more than happy to get you and your car on the right track.

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