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One advantage of running your fuel tank low is that if you are so inclined, you can replace the fuel tank screen and the associated hose that screws into it. An opportunity to get rid of any crud in there. I have seen a diesel tank screen come out of a diesel with about 223,000 mi. on it with no debris build-up at all: my '83 300CD-T. I was disappointed after running the tank low and buying a new screen, however, who would've thought?

Also, if you are going to pull your instrument cluster: If your car has the rheostat that dims the cluster's lights, check to see if it is working ok before pulling the cluster. If it isn't, you might consider replacing it while you have the cluster out. Lastly, be very careful while the cluster is out, some have screws and the like that protrude from the back and if you are not extremely careful, you can inadvertently allow those protrusions to dent your dashboard.

Good luck-