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I need new calipers on the left rear wheel of my 300E (just figured that out a few minutes ago).

The last time I changed my brakes, the mechanic told me that it was difficult getting the brake pads into the caliper, but that (the caliper) should last me a while longer.

Tonight, I noticed a slugishness in the rear and smelled something akin to burning rubber. When I attempted to accelerate, I felt the rear sway a little. I inflated one of my rear tires, but when I arrived home, I noticed that my left rear wheel was very hot, while the right rear wheel was significantly cooler.

1. Should I purchase OEM caliper's or are there other reputable after market replacements at a reasonable price?

2. Is it advisable to resurface MB rotors if need be. If this is not possible, are there any good after market replacements.

3. What is the deal with cross drilled rotors?

Thank you.

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