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Cassette Player

Hi Steve,

Yes, it looks very nice, especially when it matches the finishing of the cars interior. I think the CD player was installed seperately cos it has seperate control on the right hand side of the steering wheel (we're right hand drive here). If you look closely, this set does come with a cassette player. The slot for the cassette is on the top left hand corner (black rectangular area) in between the "dP" and "headphone" buttons. Its got "BECKER GRAND PRIX" printed on it. So maybe it is the 4602 as you say. Do you have any literature of the 4602 or know where I can get them?

No, I haven't contacted Becker Germany, I don't know how. I've contacted the Mercedes Franchise here, but they say they don't have any records that OLD, and that the Becker was installed by a contractor. They also cannot remember who the contractor was. That's customer service for you here in Malaysia.

Thanks Steve.

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