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Question AC compressor cutoff relay = KLIMA?

Does anyone know if the dreaded "KLIMA" valve I've heard so much about was installed into 123 bodied cars?

Is it the same part as the A/C cutoff relay? It's awfully expensive to replace, in either case.

Here's a little background as to why I'm asking:

I've recently installed a new ac compressor on my 1984 300 CD, complete with new reciever dryer, expansion valve, etc. The old compressor stopped turning on and off about a month after the coolant ($R12) leaked out. I thought nothing of this, since I planned to replace the tired, old, grime-coated compressor anyway.

I have yet to charge the system, and plan on using R406 coolant, also known as Autofrost (a lot of people in this site seem to think it's better than 134 - I'll try almost anything once).

After I oiled and installed the compressor and all other parts, I connected the wire leads, started the car and attempted to turn on the AC, briefly, to circulate the oil before filling the system with coolant.

Nothing happened. The compressor will not engage, and I think a relay is suspect. I'm hoping I'm wrong, as the cheapest places stock this thing at around $130 bucks. The fuse is good, unless there's another one some other place I need to check.

Where, exactly, is the ac cutoff (Klima-?) valve located, anyway?
I found two relays under a plastic cover on the inside driver's side fender well, but the part numbers only identify these things as each as "relay", and do not cost anywhere near what an AC cutoff relay does.

Any suggestions?


(Why don't I ever get flat tires for problems anymore......?)
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