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Questions questions questions...

ok, as most of you probably know, my car is awaiting repairs.

The front right control arm and some of the little things associated with it will need to be replaced. I was also told the frame or whatever the control arm attaches to will need to be checked and straightend on a frame machine.

IS there a possibility that the car will never align correctly now? If so, what would my options be, considering that if it does end up not being able to align correctly, I will have to talk to the insurance about the possibility of totaling the car. I will not accept the car if it will never align correctly again.

Are repairs involving the control arm and straightening of the mounts going to adversely affect the car?

Will new control arm and bushings on one side affect the car in anyway or will it appear normal?

just looking for some guidance here as to what problems I may run into knowing the car might need to be put up on the rack and straightened a bit.

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