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300E Stalling Problem during low fuel

Iíve been having a stalling problem with my 300E ever since Iíve owned the car (about a year). When ever I let the fuel drop below ľ tank the engine will stall. Iíve been able to get it to a gas station and fill in time, but its kind of an annoying problem that might leave me on the road some day.

The problem was first mentioned to me by the first owner when I purchased the car. He said it had left him on the side of the road when he reached the ľ tank mark. I decided to see if it was true, and it soon happened to me. When I reached about ľ tank the engine lost all power and I idled to a stop. The engine was still running so I went to a gas station to fill up. Thinking I solved the problem with a full tank, I continued on, and this time it completely shut off. It took a few cranks to get it going, but it did. To this day, I fill it up before ľ tank. Iíve changed the fuel filter and few of the major hoses except the hose form the tank to the pumps.

Iíve researched the topic and found a few possible problems.

1. The fuel lines are collapsing under the vacuum of the fuel pumps.
2. One of the dual inline fuels filters are faulty, causing a permanent drop in fuel pressure.
3. Under low head pressure in the tank the gas is flashing inside the fuel pumps, causing low of fuel flow and ultimately shut down.
4. Accumulator problems?

Iíd appreciated any possible solutions or suggestions that anybody has on this problem.
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