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Question C36 Overheating??? Techs please help......

First of all I would like to say hello to everyone! This is my first post and I have searched the forum for answers but it seems there aren't many C36 owners.

OK, I have a 1995 C36 AMG and I have some questions about operating temperature. What is normal operating temperature for my car? Reason why I'm asking is because I noticed recently that the temp goes up to about 100-110 degrees.

Normal daily drive for me, is your normal stop and go through city streets. The temperature outside is a calm 65-70 degrees. The operating temp in the car will read 85-90 but I will drive several miles and the car will warm up to 100-110. When I stop the temp goes up to 100-110 but drops when I drive to about 95. Is this normal? My cousin has the exact same car and his normal operating temp is and average of 85 degrees and does not fluctuate at all like mine. I have changed and flushed the radiator, as well as the fan clutch. I will be changing the t-stat this week.

I am concerned cause summer is coming and to me this temp seems kinda high and I dont even have the a/c on at all!!! The fan is really getting on my nerves cause it is constantly coming on. I have brought it to several Benz shops and get mixed answers!!! Some say its normal and some say it is running high. Can someone with experience please help! Thanks
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