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on another note based on my calculations without all the actual repairs but just mods I am going to do, I need $1000 for the body kit plus or minus a little for the shipping on it.

$700 for wheels plus shipping

$620 dollars for tires shipped. then probably $100 or so for mounting, balancing, and alignment...

So far thats roughly $2400. If I can get away with adding the sport shocks at about $400 for all 4 corners, I'm looking at about $2800 total for the parts.

That would leave me roughly $1800 to get the control arm and other tid bits repaired and the painting of the bodykit and installation.

I am really hoping, that I can get all of it done. but I dont mind waiting on the shocks for a month or so. But I would like to do it all at once, and once the control arm is out, and possibly the left one for bushings, I might as well dot he shocks too.

We shall see. I'm getting excited.

Man when I know I am going to buy things, and I have the money, and it feels like its burning a hole in my pocket, because I'm so ready to spend it. Its this feeling of needing instant gratification. I feel I am growing more and more impatient every second I havent spent the repair money for my car, on my car.

At least I will definately have the wheels and tires i wanted.

As for the bodykit, I want it bad it will complete the look on my car, and then when the only mod left after all is said and done are the euro 500e lights, I'll be so happy.

I have this other plan on two toning the interior of my car. I have made a crude photoshop of how I want to do it. But thats like a last thing I will do at some point. take note of the door panel with the soft leather part still in creme. Thats how I want to do the interior panels, and thats how I want to do the seats at some point. I think it will look really cool. I will leave the carpets creme and the under dash and dash areas that are creme in creme. I will probably recover the rear deck in black, and I will most likely redo the center console in black too, like mike tangas did with his 560, which looks realy cool.

Here is the pic...

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