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Thanks for the replies:

Henry, I wish it were coming from somewhere else. This was a new head, and while it was off the car I cleaned EVERYTHING in the area, totally bone-dry. This leak is actually coming from the exhaust port. I wiped it down (after taking the photo above) so it was all clean again, before I started the car and watched it come from the manifold and drip down to the block. Now, had I checked the manifold sealing surface, it probably was not flat and should have been decked by the machine shop. And if I had done that, the oil would remain in the exhaust system and not drip out. I thought it was blowing up there too, but it's not.

Herb, that's a good theory... except there is no oil present on top of the exhaust port. If the plug was leaking, it would leak on top first and then down to the bottom. I think those aren't "freeze" plugs, they are holes required for the casting process (?) that are then filled with the plugs. I'm not sure, that's just a guess... the holes go into the cam/oil galley return area, not coolant, IIRC.

Weird, huh....
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