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Could you have a bad injector, causing poor combustion on that cylinder? Low compression will also cause "wet stacking"-- unburned fuel in the exhaust. You will have running problems with either condition.

Turbo leaks will show up as oil in the intake or blue exhaust smoke -- no way oil is going all the way up THAT exhaust manifold!

I suppose you could have a turbo leak large enough to get oil all the way through the engine at idle, but you would have high oil consumption, too!

I'm curious, as a oil leak large enough to leave drips on the drive is about a quart in a thousand miles or more oil consumption -- you would have noticed it by now. However, I have seen diesel tractors "weep" "oil" that is actually the heavy end of diesel fuel, leaking past bad injector seals and oozing out around the injector. Don't remember any oil in the exhaust, though!

The only other way for oil to get there is for there to be a leak between the oil gallery in the head and the exhaust port (i.e. a defective head).

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