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Hi Peter,

The injectors are freshly rebuilt. No other running problems - starts instantly, smooth idle, good power (well, it's a little soft off idle, but otherwise strong). There is a hint of blue smoke when you rev it at idle, and the blue cloud I mentioned when leaving a long stoplight, but that's it. Oil consumption is still pretty low. I know the turbo seal leak would have to be into the intake (I do have quite a bit of oil in the intake charge pipes), but again, consumption is pretty low.

I don't *think* it's fuel masquerading as oil, because of the smell. Burning diesel oil has a VERY distinct odor to it, and I smell it burning on the manifold. (I had a VW diesel that burned 1 quart per 125 miles, I got to know that smell quite well - from the tailpipe side.) Now I get the same odor but from the engine compartment, not the tailpipe - well, minimal from the tailpipe, anyway. I suppose it could be a crack into the exhaust port, but with a brand-new head? I sure hope not! I don't want to go through the head replacement job AGAIN (even if I can get a new head under warranty!)

Thanks for the ideas, though! Keep 'em coming... :p

Boise, ID

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