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What does this pipe do ??? 300CE 24v

I'm confused
I posted a query a couple of days ago about my power steering hose pressurising and depressurising at 4 second intervals when the engine is running..

Having taken a second, much closer, look the pipe in question it is not a power steering pipe.

However, it does appear to connect to the power steering pump under some kind of shield plate under the fluid reservoir on the side furthest from the engine.
It is solid at this point approx 1/4" dia but as soon as it leaves the pump it becomes a black rubber hose and goes across the front of the engine above the top pulley and then goes back to the bulkhead adjacent to the steering box and then becomes solid again. At this point it then joins two other pipes, one the same size 1/4" and one slightly larger 3/8" coming from the ASD system oil tank the three pipes disappear together down beside the steering box and then go down under the car towards the back of the vehicle.

I still have the fault where this pipe in question is pressurising and the rubber section goes rigid and then it relieves somewhere and relaxes and then repressurises over a 4 second cycle. You can hear this as a thumping noise sat in the car with the engine running. This is how I found it in the first place.

I've looked at pictures in the Haynes manual for the 24 valve engine but this pipe does not exist on their vehicle.

Help in identifying this pipe and fixing the reason why it keeps pressurising and relieving would be much appreciated
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