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Post Engine idles rough and valves make tapping noise

Just picked up a 1985 190E (2.3 automatic with 148K) The car will start but begins to run rough immediately. There is a steady tapping noise (pretty loud) coming from the valve cover area (towards the front) I had to drive the car and noticed when I came to a stop or red light the engine would stall out if I didn't shift it to neutral (idle seems high to me) When in drive and I start to accerate, the response (pickup) is poor, Have to apply pressure slowly on the gas pedal to get up to speed.(sounds like one of those old cars you see in the movies da..da...da...da...da) The pressure gauge reads a steady 3 (all the time), while driving and temp avg between 60-80 celius, gas econony would only go into the red when accerating then would level out. If anyone can help I would really appreciate it. I read a couple articles about the OVP and coil? I guess I will start there.
PS. Is there a quick check for the fuel filter? or just replace it?
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