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in my experience, cars will never be "the same" (factory standards) of "better"after an accident- so it helps to set expectations realistically

also with suspension mod's, these 'by themselves' and 'together' will change the nature of the handling and vehicle ide- ...and the vehicle may not have the best ride and handling- esp with accident damage repaired to "as best as possible" but NOT restored totally back to previously undamaged conditions (factory spec) may turn into a Pandora's box w/ its quirks

suggest learning to read and understand alignment specs too, this will provide an explanation as to its tracking characteristics (and foretell tire wear) ...what alignment specs will you be using for a lower'd CE w/ or w/out HD/sport shocks? ....'dialing in' a mod'd suspension properly takes skill, knowledge, experience, and patience (not just swapping out suspension and chassis parts)

in either case, it sounds like you are putting the necessary effort and diligence into supervising the repairs

good luck
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