Thread: Oil in coolant?
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Alain - its a 103, and I've already had the head gasket done ;-)

Luchtaine - presumably this will also mean Coolant in ATF?? Oh dear!

Benzmac - The overfill tube is connected back to the radiator top... how does this remove excess fluid?

David - Where is this bleeding screw? Half my engine is covered in 160K miles worth of gunk. ;-)

And finally.... I set my heater on max while idling... I could hear bubbling in the system.... airlock??!? I tried removing the cap and idling for 10 mins with the heater on. This didnt remove any air tho. Do I need to give it some RPM?

Temp seems to be a little odd.. climbs in traffic, but put it in N and rev to 4K and temp plummets... bad thermostat??

Thanks people!

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