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Removing the ignition lock is relatively easy. The "special" tool referred to by other posters can be made from coat hanger wire. You want to bend the coat hanger into a "U" shape with the spread between the two ends roughly equaling the diameter of your ignition switch. You don't have to be exact. But, make the leg lengths equal and about five inchs long. Then take a file or sharpening stone and put a 45 degree champher on the inside of each leg end. When you insert the tool, the beveled end will depress two tangs that hold the lock in position. As mentioned earlier, the switch HAS to be in the #2 position for the holes to line up for insertion of the tool mentioned above. Incidentally, you will have to remove the decorative trim ring from around the ignition lock in order to gain access. This ring usually either screws on or is a pop fit requiring use of a small screwdriver to pop it off.

I would like to reiterate the advice posted earlier. Fix you lock ASAP while the key will still allow you to turn the tumbler to the #2 position. When and if the lock fails to turn, you are screwed and are looking at a very costly repair that is best performed by a technician.

Sorry for the long post.
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