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Originally Posted by Billybob View Post
Aside from the plate rivited to the radiator support, is there another place on the chassis where the VIN information is located? Is it stamped somewhere else on the chassis, i. e. engine compartment?

The car has a 6 cylinder inline engine, where on the engine is an engine model number located?

Thanks in advance!
the other plate is at the driver's side door post along with the codes, if US spec car, there's a emission control tag with it. The marked chassis no. is located right side frame rail, in front of right side cross member support mounts, if it covered with paint scratch it with your pocket knife and once you found it, dab the whole no. with grease so that it will not get rusted there.

the engine no. tag is located left side of the block and bet. #5 and #6 cylinder, above it you can see the marked engine no. aside from the tag.

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