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95 E320 codes 4 and 18

Ok all, I finally took the time to read the codes after reading the many posts in the archives on how to do it and I came up with a code 4 and 18. According to the PM CD-ROM a code 4 is the MAF sensor (open circuit) and a code 18 is the #5 injector (open/short to ground).

Does anyone have any hints on how to test the MAF sensor using a digital ohm meter or how to test the #5 injector? I quickly removed the connectors to the #5 and #3 injectors and read the resistance @ the injector and both read 14ohms, so I'm guessing it isn't the actual injector but maybe the wiring to it.

Any ideas all?

Just FYI, I have 149k miles on the car and what prompted me to do the read out, using the built in LED, was for the last several weeks the car has been hesitating big time at full and 3/4 throttle. It will hesitate for about 2 seconds than it will go back to normal power than hesitate again, all the way to redline. It's acts like the timing is being retarded than advanced.

I replaced the fuel filter and have now replaced all of the plugs and wires. This didn't fix it but after this many miles I figured it was due anyhow. So today is the first time that I attempted to read the codes and get down to the real reason on what's been wrong with it.

Thanks all in advance for your time and suggestions,

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