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At this time, to the best of my knowledge, the only MB's without an engine oil dipstick is the C class (C240, C320, C32AMG) and the new S class (R230 aka 2003 SL500/SL55 AMG). No big deal to do the change from below as far as I know, never done one from below (on a 203 chassis C class). I am recommending 8 quarts on the 203 chassis, we get them back once in awhile with an "oil level too high" warning in the cluster, which is usually true, we end up removing at least a pint to get it where it belongs. This I feel is aggrevated my expansion of the oil when hot. There is no filling procedure in regards to not having a dipstick, just put in the proper amount.
Blackmercedes, depends on the model, for example a ML, E class, CLK, SLK will have the dipstick, C class doesn't. If you have a 2002 SL (ie Silver Arrow) it does, the 2003 (R230) doesn't. I will venture to guess the new 2003 E class (211 chassis) and CLK (209 chassis) won't have the dipstick.
Clemson, I have to really recommend if you do oil changes yourself that you use the recommended Mobil1 synthetic oil (not to start an oil thread ((please!)). Also bear in ind that by doing this, the oil quality sensor will calculate the next FSS service taking into account the fresh oil, so you will end up getting less free services over the life of the warranty. You may want to consider going by "the book" until you are out of warranty IMO. Maybe doing the first oil change yourself (early) may be a good idea. DON'T reset the FSS indictaor when doing this, you will extend the free FSS service even longer!
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