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Well Said!!

I won't care about the 100 decibel loud shreak everytime I brake if every car was doing it - after all, I don't complain that my engine makes SOME noise, since all engines make SOME noise. The reality is, most brakes make no noise at all. My own brakes never made any noise over the past 5 years. The fact that they do now, is definitely a sign of something that was done wrong while the front pads and rotors were replaced.

And since this is a very popular complaint (the most common at dealers), and hardly any mercedes cars I have seen have had squealing brakes, implies that there IS a solution to this problem, since apparently most complaints of squealing brakes are ultimately solved (otherwise we should be seeing a very high fraction of mercedes cars on the road with squealing brakes, and we don't!).

Hence my request to the techs on this forum - how did you solve this problem when you faced it? Maybe I can take some of these solutions with me to the dealer, in case they don't have any experienced tech on board.

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