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I think that that my compression is 9.7 (standard US). I am running 3-4 psi. I need to do more testing and tuning. With the boost set higher, I had a lot of ignition ping and when I retarded the ignition, I lost the free spirited high revs. This seems to be a good "seat-of-the-pants" setting. It is hard to tune without a dyno and I can't drive and revise the fuel map at the same time. I need to get my son to drive and hold full throttle, constant RPM by using the brake. I could then adjust the fuel and ignition map using the air/fuel ration gauge and the sound of engine knock. A little crude but it should work. After I am satisfied that I have it the best I can make it, I will have a local dyno guy see if he can improve it.
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