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Thanks for the info. I took it to the dealer today - man, was it squealing!! its getting worse every day. Happens only when braking at low speeds. But is EXTREMELY loud and shrill. Showed it to him - thankfully it squealed a lot in front of the tech. Well, he can't get me in till wednesday, so I have to wait till then. He tried to spray something on to the disks, but that didn't work at all. I have tried some of the other things like braking a few times at high speeds, have driven it 200 miles, but nothing has worked.

So let me see what they do. Its an embarrassment driving this car around (actually, braking this car, not driving!). In the meantime, I am discovering the virtues of loud music in the car!!

Seriously, if someone has any other tricks that have worked for them in eliminating brake squeal, would really appreciate any input.
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