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'93 300SE - Oil getting into cooling system

Help. I have a '93 300SE with abouth 70K miles. This has been a very good car with very few problems, until the other day! The oil light came on and stayed on for a few minutes (5 minutes/5 miles) until I got home. The temperature did not rise, the oil pressure was normal and car ran fine. When I got home and opened the hood a found a brown liquid coming out of the radiator overflow. Upon inspection it was oil mixed with anti-freeze. I had the car taken to a local shop (who I have used for years and who primarily deals only with Mercedes) and they thought that the problem was either caused by a bad head gasket or cracked head. The old gasket that they took off looked pretty good so thaey had the head sent to a machine shop to check for cracks. It was machined and came back with a clean bill of health. The gaskets and hoses where replaced, the radiator was flushed and the car was put back together. Everything looked good, no leaks, the car ran extremely smooth, temperature was lilttle less than 80, etc. Life was good. You guessed it...two days and 100 miles later the oil light came on again and when the hood was popped there was that brown liquid again. Any ideas what is causing this? The mechanics are all baffled. They are going to have the head checked one more time, but my gut tells me that is not the problem. ANy and all help would be appreciated.
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