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Unhappy missing after warm up with moderate acceleration

1984 500SL gray market Euro model. After about 1/2 hour to one hour of normal driving, car seems to miss upon moderate acceleration. Could be fuel starvation but feels more like severe missing and gets worse the more it is driven, to the point only level speed can be kept. Changed wires, plugs, coil, rotor and cap. Have not changed control box or capasitor wire. Changing these things helped car run smoother and possibly delays the even from starting until driven for an hour or more but problem still there and consistent. The catilitic converter is not clogged (one was put on when it was imported but it has since been removed). Fuel filter and pump seems ok, have not checked pressure but it has full acceleration before it starts acting up. Doesn't seem to exactly seem to be engine temperature related since I would think it would be up to temperature well before the acting up starts. I am thinks about changing the ignition control box and capisitor wire next. Suggestions please. Thanks, David.
(PS- I was eating up rotors for the last year, tips kept burning off, found out it had resistor plugs and resitor wires installed and I blamed it on that, could be related, have not driven it enough after all the new parts to see it it reaccures)
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