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Originally posted by arif
engine temp runs about 90C but goes slightly over 100 in stop and go this normal?
when the engine is cold , hoses are a bit soft...does this have any significance...have a new cap.

can anyone help??
I can't help you with the hoses question, but I can tell you about the engine temp. in my 190e. It runs about 80dc and may rise a bit above that in stop & go traffic. I haven't had it approach the 100dc level as of yet. While I'm driving, it generally stays around 80dc or slightly below.

How does your coolant level look ... OK? Have you had the coolant system flushed in the last 2 years. I see that you are in Los Angeles -- you're running in hotter temperatures that I am here in Wisconsin & Illinois. Just a few suggestions to get you started ... I'm sure that someone more knowledgeable can give you more information!

Take care,
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